About Us

Why are we here?

Our passion is organisational development, we know that one size definitely does not fit all and so don’t have any standard answers, approaches or programmes.  Each project, like each client is a “one off”

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients at every stage of a project. We will invest our own time learning what is fundamentally important to you and your organisation and the challenges which you are experiencing.

As a result, we always take great care to establish the real outcomes that you need to achieve before proposing a specifically tailored course of action.

Who do we work with and what do we do?

Our approach works best with ambitious organisations who want to move up to the next level and/or professionalise the way they and their people function.

We have experience of generating and embedding meaningful improvements across a wide range of sectors from manufacturing, education, service and finance through to charities and local authorities. We know that each organisation brings its own unique personality, context and challenges and enjoy getting to know what these are in order to generate long term business performance improvements.

Our work is mainly but not exclusively, with the leaders and managers within client organisations.  Below are a few examples of the type of projects we have successfully undertaken:

  • Designing and delivering a series of interlinked training programmes tailored specifically to establish consistent people management capabilities in the First Line Manager, Middle Manager and Senior Manager levels of a large organisation
  • Facilitating workshops to create a strong, positive, cohesive team dynamic within a newly assembled strategic leadership team. This included the use of the highly effective Team Management Profiling tool © Margerison and McCann
  • Supporting a large manufacturing organisation to implement a significant culture change project across its two primary sites. This involved working with all levels of management across both sites using a series of targeted workshops and events.
  • Working with a digital SME organisation to re-establish the effective application of self managing teams across the whole business.
  • Executive coaching with existing and aspirational strategic leaders including M.D’s and Principals and Chairs.


To ensure that we are able to offer the most comprehensive support to clients we are licensed to use a range of instruments which include; Team Management Profile, Organisational Culture Inventory, Pxt Select and Checkpoint 360.

What do clients say?

The vast majority of our work is with clients who return to work with us time after time. They do this when they need to implement and manage changes or face challenges which they know we can help with

Below are a few examples of feedback from recent clients:

“Practical, tangible, realistic approach, to ensure program delivers original outcomes, when demands on leadership and management time can be at a premium. Determined, committed, supportive enthusiasm…… initiates and maintains momentum”

“The William Henry Smith School has had a relationship with Corinne for several years. During this period Corinne has assisted us with many change and growth challenges and delivered a range of activities tailored to our specific needs. Corinne has a great insight into our organisation and has assisted us with moving forward and growing in recent years. We have found that Corinne’s instinct is sound, she reads situations extremely well and in many cases confirms our gut instinct. She reads a room and individuals and her feedback is fascinating. Corinne is passionate about her work and always comes to her conclusions and recommendations in a thoughtful, considered way that helps us move forward with a balanced view and judgement” 

“Ability to listen and understand business needs and assess and determine capabilities and limitations.”

“Significant bank of experience and skill to draw from, to design tailor made programs of work, to deliver on business objectives.”

“Delivers and drives through implementation, committed to achieving the goals agreed. Willing and able to revisit and reassess approaches as part of performance review, to ensure outcomes are achieved.”

Who might be involved?

Principal Consultant – Corinne Waller FCIPD, B.A. (Hons) Business Studies

Corinne is a passionate advocate of Organisational Development bringing enthusiasm, drive and insight to every project. Over the past 35 years she has successfully worked in partnership with hundreds if organisations as they seek to develop and grow.

At Park Avenue Consultancy we also work with a number of associates allowing us to offer a wider range of services. These include:

Ms Helen Roberts
Helen is a highly experienced Organisational Development Consultant respected by her many clients for her insights and skills.

Mr Gary Sifleet
A successful Organisational Development Consultant with over 35 years experience working across all sectors.

Mrs Elizabeth Murphy MSc High Street Task Force Expert and Mentor
Elizabeth is a Place Management expert and was one of the first nationally to achieve formal qualification in this area.